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                  Q10   R/C DRONE

                  Specification:11 x 11 x 5.5 cm

                  Application place: Fly indoor

                  Function: Fly by hand sensor up&down


                  Remote control play time: 5 - 8 minutes

                  Remote control technology: Hand Control

                  Suitable age: 14+

                  Material: PP Plastic

                  Helicopter battery: 300mAh Li-po battery (Builted in)

                  You only need to open the power and gently throwing aircraft,it can immediately began to fly, you can control the direction or let it fly into the opposite direction, or lift the UFO by your hand . UFO automatically to avoid when it contact obstacles , in order to ensure the safety of the toys and children.

                  UFO aircraft equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, suitable for computers and mobile power by USB canble . It can be recharged in 40 minutes, then you can fly out of 5-8 minutes .Cool LED lights let this flying toy is more beautiful at night.

                  With four built-in powerful motor, 360Rotating ability to fly to a certain level, there is also a suspension frame if you're not operating in a few seconds, it will drop slightly, suspended again. If you want to stop flying, just pick up the UFO ,then flip can stop.

                  Using PP environmental protection material, wear resistance can be in indoor flight, shielding design to make it safe, suitable for children to play

                  Package includes:

                  1 x UFO

                  1 x Instruction Manual

                  1 x USB charging cable

                  Toy safety:

                  CHOKING HAZARD.Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.